The “original” ski chair got it’s name, well, because it’s the chair that started it all. It’s a proven winner. Built in the style of the classic Adirondack chair, the “original” is slightly larger than the majority of Adirondack chairs on the market, making it roomy and comfortable to lounge in no matter your size. Each incorporates 5 downhill or 6 cross country color-coordinated skis,  pressure treated pine components treated with two coats of black exterior stain, and corrosion-proof hardware.
Dimensions: approximately 35″ x 51″ x 37″

2016 Original ski chair price
$499 (includes tax and FedEx Ground economy shipping within the U.S. $100 off if you pick up the chair)

A sampling of sold “original” ski chairs:


2 thoughts on “ORIGINAL

    • Absolutely!! Have seen it done, but have not built a hockey stick chair myself. I bet I could even design a folding hockey stick chair, and to my knowledge there’s none of those available anywhere. I don’t have any sticks, do you? I could start collecting if you are serious. Let me know 🙂 Thanks for the interest!

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