“The Marla” ski chair got it’s name from the customer who inspired it. (Or should I say requested it!) Marla wanted three non-folding ski chairs that were smaller than our “original.” Each incorporates 4 pairs of downhill skis, cedar components and corrosion-proof hardware. Clear water sealant applied prior to assembly.
Dimensions: 30″ wide, 43″ tall and 44″ long (front to back)

2016 Marla ski chair price
$499 (includes tax and FedEx Ground economy shipping within the U.S. $100 off if you pick up the chair)

Sold Marla chairs







7 thoughts on “MARLA

  1. Thank you so much!!! We LOVE our chairs!!! The time and effort you put into each is amazing and appreciated by us!!! 🙂

  2. interested in 2 diff chair that you have already sold can you duplicate the skis? like i mean is it hard to find ones youve already done?

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