As with all Adirondack Ski Chairs of Lake Placid items, all skis have been restored and refurbished to a “new” state where rust and grime has been removed, scratches diminished, and clear acrylic coating applied.


Log Racks

Winter is never too far away to buy a ski log holder. Whether you need to stack some firewood indoors or out by the S’mores pit, these beauties will ensure you’re crackling for hours.

2019 Log Rack Price
Price does NOT include shipping

Hand-Held Bottle Openers

The coolest little gadget that belongs in every Man Cave, apartment, or kitchen.
Check out our Facebook page to see it in action!

2019 Hand-Held Bottle Opener Price
Price does NOT include shipping


Shot Skis

Fraternity, sorority, and wedding shower beware! Bring the item that will be the life of the party. A Shot Ski will keep everyone elbow to elbow and belly laughing.

2019 Shot Ski Prices
Price does NOT include shipping or glasses. Perfect fitting shot glasses are available for an additional 50¢ per glass.

3 or 4 person Shot Ski

5 or 6 person Shot Ski

Wind Chimes

If you love the sound of wind chimes, you’re going to love our ski pole chimes! Hear them for yourself on Facebook video page. Our unique design features a hand-cut silver snowflake breeze catcher.

2019 Wind Chime Price
Price does NOT include shipping


Coat Racks and Stands

Keep the kids room tidy and the adults gear in order with these fun hangers. The perfect accent to any mud room, den, or kid’s room, especially where closet space is limited. Hooks are made from ski pole handles or stems. Wall-mount racks come predrilled (16″ on center) with hardware, making hanging one of these a breeze!

2019 Coat Rack Prices
Price does NOT include shipping

$250 Freestanding coat stand with 4 skis and 4 hooks
$100 Full ski with 4-6 hooks
$50  Tip or tail with 1 hook

Freestanding coat stand (sold):

ski coat stand rack

A sampling of sold coat racks:




A nice addition along side a ski chair, between a pair of ski chairs, or on their own. Generally made from ski tails, tips can also be used with curves pointing up or down. Wood components are made from of pine, cedar, or pressure treated lumber. Optional black stain or clear water sealant. Dimensions and ski selection can be customized to suit your needs. Average table top measures approximately 24″ x 24″ and stands 20″ in height.

2019 Table Prices
Price does NOT include shipping

$150 Ski table with cedar wood components

Table (sold):

ski table


Wine Racks

Enough people have come to us over the years asking if we make these, so when a friend wanted to order one as a Christmas gift, the prototype was built. Here it is, with many more surely to come. Fully customizable, and binding optional.

2019 Wine Rack Price
Price does NOT include shipping

$75  Three-bottle rack
$150  Six-bottle rack
$225  Six-bottle rack

Vintage K2 (sold):

1 2 3


Bottle Openers – Genuine!

The real McCoy. Some ski upcycler bottle openers don’t use the actual binding to open the bottle. But these do just that. Only the old metal bindings function as true bottle openers (without hiding a store bought bottle opener under a binding).  It took some head scratching to get them to work, but we’re proud to offer these vintage beauties.

2019 Bottle Opener Price
Price does NOT include shipping

$100 Tip or tail of ski
$100 Center of ski

(Sold Center of ski openers)

Ski Flowers

Featuring sixteen ski-tip petals, this garden accent will brighten any home. Available with or without “leaf” skis and pole. Available in downhill or cross country styles. Large flower blossom is approximately 2.5-3 feet in diameter and stands approximately 5 feet tall. Small flower blossom is approximately 18″ in diameter and stands approximately 3 feet tall.

2019 Ski Flower Prices
Price does NOT include shipping

$400 (Includes flower, pole, and leaf skis)
$300 (Flower blossom only)

$350 (Includes flower, pole, and leaf skis)
$250 (Flower blossom only)

See “Available” tab for current selection or have one built for you!


Look for lots of new items AND a brand new website (without these annoying ads), all coming in 2019!



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